Welcome to the home page for unXmit.


UnXmit extracts data from files created by TSO/e’s XMIT command. UnXmit presents a directory of members and gives the workstation user an opportunity to extract members. Source-type members are stored as TXT members. TXT members are converted from EBCDIC to ASCII.

Members that contain an INMR01 text in the first record are members stored as XMIT files. They are unloaded as binary and given a file type of XMT. These members can be unpacked with unXmit.

Members that get a CharsetDecoder  CharacterCodingException are stored as binary. UnXmit provides a run time switch that will allow unXmit to tolerate character coding exceptions. Characters that will not convert are replaced with an ASCII question mark.

UnXmit has one command line parameter, the XMIT file name. This allows unXmit to start via Window’s file associations. If unXmit is invoked without a file name, a file open dialog is entered.