Development Environment

This section describes the environment in which unXmit was developed. You can review this section to see the similarities between my development environment and your workstation.

1.     Java 1.6+

2.     I developed unXmit on a 64-bit Windows Vista desktop. My wife’s laptop is a 32-bit Windows Vista system; it tested well on her laptop. The machine I used (until recently) at my real job was a 32-bit Windows XP system, I was given a new 64-bit Windows 7 computer in the past two months. UnXmit has run extensively on both of those environments.

3.     Someone encouraged me to develop unXmit under Eclipse RCP to provide cross-platform support. I specifically developed the Linux distributions under Window Vista and imported a TAR file containing unXmit to my Linux test system. I wanted to make sure Eclipse’s cross-platform packaging was durable; and it was for Linux.

4.     I test Linux as VMWARE Player virtual machines. I have tested under UBUNTU and OpenSuse successfully. Under the OpenSuse environment, I toggled between Open JVM and Oracle’s JVM; mostly to be sure it ran correctly under Open JVM.

5.     I have not tested Mac OSX, although I might get a version of Mac OSX to run under a VMWare Player.

6.     The panel below contains the platforms available under Eclipse’s cross-platform export. If anyone is interested in support for an unchecked operating system, please contact me.


According to JAVA documentation, some of