Workstation Files, Directories, and Environmental Variables

The following are files and directories use for unXmit’s operation


File unXmit.xml contains unXmit’s runtime parameters. The location for this file is determined by System.getProperty("user.dir"). On my computer, the location for this file is C:\Users\<me>\uxmit.xml. UnXmit creates this file upon first execution, and you will get a file not found exception. This exception will be ignored, and never occur again.


UnXmit uses %TEMP% or System.getenv("TEMP") for the location of transient and work files. This variable on my machine is resolved as c:\users\<me>\AppData\Local\Temp.

UnXmit uses transient files as intermediate places when files are dragged and dropped on top of Windows File Explorer. In the case of DND operations, transient files are removed.

Additionally, this is the directory where members are stored if the file name is double clicked in unXmit’s member list. In this case, files remain in the temporary directory until they are manually removed.

The temporary directory is cleaned and removed by normal disk cleanup under Windows, i.e. using “start>accessories>system tools>disk cleanup”.