Thanks and Acknowledgements

I wish to thank Tuan Anh Nguyen, a graduate student at University of Texas at Arlington. Tuan (Tony) and I traded emails; he gave me a start programming in Java, helped me navigate through Eclipse, and gave me suggestions using Java’s features. I think he is a great teacher.

Thanks to Kirk Wolf who suggested and encouraged me to rewrite unXmit under Eclipse RCP.

Thanks to Sam Golob, who is a very nice gentleman and a real pleasure to talk to. Sam Golob runs CBTTAPE.ORG where I downloaded most of my test data.

Finally, and most importantly, I thank John Grimmette who showed interest in its product during its final development. John provided some valuable test that I could not get from CBTTAPE.ORG. Particularly, he provided PDS/e files with large load modules (greater than 16m).