OS/x Installation

I am distributing OS/x as alpha code. I will look into running OS/x under a VMPlayer providing I do not do anything that violates Apple’s end-user license agreement with Apple. The purchase price for OS/x is cheap enough, but most websites that talk about using VMware under Windows state that running OS/x End-user License agreement is a violation of Apple’s EULA except for educational purposes.


The code path within unxmit proper is the same for Linux and OS/x. The difference between the two (Linux and OS/x) is the SWT interface will use Cocoa instead of GTK.


If you would like to try unxmit under a Macintosh, I would be very pleased to work with you until the distribution is stable. If you have Eclipse on your Mac, we can trade source code changes. If not, I will be glad to update the website until we get a stable distribution.