Profile Panel

The Profile Panel is the initial starting panel for unXmit; from this panel, enter the drop down menu item File-Open to unpack an XMIT file.

You can also change the way the unXmit engine operates by changing options on this panel. 

There are four sections on the options panel:

·         The User Info section contains the file locations where individual pieces of unXmit program are installed. Rows in this section are double-clickable. If you double-click on any of these file names, they will be opened with the appropriate viewer.

·         The Charsetssection contains two drop down boxes containing EBCDIC and ASCII Code Pages. The list inside these drop down boxes are heavily dependent on the Java distribution installed on your workstation. For example, Oracle’s International Java Distribution contains far more Code Pages than their U.S. Domestic Distribution.

·         The Viewers section are the changeable viewer programs unXmit uses for viewing text members, HTML, etc. Each of these viewer lines can be clicked to present a popup window. The popup window provides a method to change the viewer unXmit uses. For example, Linux users can specify either GEDIT or KWRITE to open TXT members.

·         Options section contains runtime options that affect the behavior of unXmit.